2020 Has Something New For The Ladies

Woooooo….hello again beautiful people of the internet

As many of you know, and are hopefully experiencing, this Covid hell is finally starting to burn off and cities are beginning to re-open. Naturally, this is great news. Yeah sure, we still have to use a little judgement and not do anything dumb like go to work or to a social gathering if you’re feeling sick and skanky, and for sure we still need to keep some space between us until the boffins figure out a vaccine for this thing, but for now, let’s rejoice and go outside dammit!

So here’s the thing. During this lockdown we had plenty of time on our hands, and which led to many things. Mostly we sat around eating tacos, binge watching tv and generally smelling like wet dog, but we also had some time to do a little digging into who was buying our stuff, and much to our joy, it turns out that many, and in some cases the majority of you are women.

This was great news to us because it really was by design.

Most of the companies who make backpacks and bags as we do don’t generally keep women in mind when they design their stuff unless it is an item targeted towards women. Generally speaking, other companies are perfectly fine with selling huge, bulky potato sacks that are terrible for organizing your daily travel life, but they also do look or feel good.

Most of our customers (of both genders) tend to live, go to school and work in urban areas where fashion is a part of daily life. You have to look legit, but you also need to get around town and keep all of your gear organized so you look and act the part. Right? Right. You know where we’re going with this.

Our Mark Ryden designs  have been popular with our female customers because they were created with both genders in mind, but also to fill a massive hole that other brands have failed to recognize. They never noticed (or cared) that over half of the urban workforce is women. The same is true on university campuses. Stylish, urban women who love fashion, need to look good and spend a lot of time bouncing around town and getting it done. They missed the call, we didn’t and therefore, here you are buying our stuff.

And we are eternally grateful.

When we went digging and discovered that our designs were hitting their mark, and that you were connecting with our drops, we became even more inspired than before. We recently created the Dolce and Dolce Rain models specifically for our female customers, and we will continue to offer up fresh new designs to compliment the great looks of the day worn by the beautiful women people of the internet who inspire our work and lives each and every day.

Catch you next month peeps, and until then let’s all go out again and make the world a better place.

Peace out!!

DOLCE - https://markrydencanada.com/collections/best-sellers/products/dolce

DOLCE RAIN - https://markrydencanada.com/collections/best-sellers/products/dolce-rain


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