Anti-Theft Bags

Greetings beautiful people of the internet.

If you are reading this, our 3rd (and we don’t mind saying, BEST blog yet) then we can only assume that:

1) You have impeccable taste in blogs
2) You have been Googling anti-theft backpacks and travel bags

Either way, we’re happy you’re here, so let’s get on with it.

Okay so in this brief blog, we’re going to drop some straight up truth that everyone should know about anti-theft bags, and generally protecting your stuff.

You have probably been reading a lot about the importance of keeping your credit cards and electronics safe in an rfid proof case or bag and you are wondering if it is actually important to you. The short answer is damn skippy it is.

RFID scanning devices can be bought on eBay for as little as 20 bucks. That means any dork with a gift credit card can buy enough tech to scan your entire life while you wait in line at the coffee shop, and to put that into perspective, that doesn’t simply mean they have your credit information. Nope. They toss your entire life like a salad.

The same can be said for sticky fingered artful dodgers who roll old school with their thievery. These are the people you are likely to encounter on a subway on your way to work, or on campus. They will lurk wherever people hang out with their expensive tech, and the moment you turn your head to order a coffee, all of your stuff has been swiped and they are on their way to sell it.


Just like that, your entire electronic life is now in the hands of some creepy punk who goes by the street name “Roc Roc”.

In both cases, all of your credit history, stored password, private files and pictures (yep, those kind) are now being bought and sold all over the dark web and you will spend days, weeks, and maybe even months or years trying to get your life back. Ugh, these people suck.

Sadly it is a fact of life that we have to treat our electronic lives like parking a car in a crappy part of town. We may not like it, but it’s just one more piece of modern life we have to adjust ourselves to.

You probably carry a cell phone, laptop, tablet, gaming device, your beats and a wallet with you every day when you go to school or work. You most certainly have all of that gear when you travel.

It is essential that you take extra care and pick yourself up an anti-theft backpack or bag. We like to think we have the coolest ones, so naturally we suggest ours.

However, we like to think our blog is more about informing so no matter which one you choose, we urge you to get your stuff locked down, and stay safe.

See you next month.

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