How To Choose The Perfect Bag

Hello again beautiful people of the internet.

As we all know, Covid came at us out of nowhere and inserted itself to our lives like the creature in Alien popping out of an egg shell and attaching itself to Kanes face. Once that happened the world clamped down tighter than a clam shell, and basically 2020 was one huge WTF happened?

Thankfully things have opened up, and we can sort of get on with our lives again.

For many of our lovely customers (hugs, we heart you) that means school is back, and many of you are returning to the campus, which inevitably means you're going to need a new bag for all of your gear.

So which one is right for you?

Great question, so here are our thoughts on the matter. First of all, take stock of what you are going to be carrying every day. For most of you that
means a laptop, possibly a tablet as well, for sure your phone, a bottle of water, maybe lunch. or a Switch so you can kill some time in between classes, a notebook and the usual assorted stuff that you need.

Once you have your daily list sorted, figure out who you’re going to be getting around, and where you are going. Maybe you ride a bike to school, or take transit. Maybe you live close by or on campus so you walk everywhere or maybe you even drive in.

Now that you have those two things settled, here are our suggestions.

If you’re riding a bike, you will want to check out our cross body bags. Many of them are large enough to fit all of your gear, and they are super comfortable when you ride. They are also safe because they hug your body and don’t hurt your back so you can concentrate on the ride, and not what you are carrying. This is only a suggestion though, because we have plenty of other regular backpacks that feel great when you ride.

Speaking of ride, if you use the transit, you will want to choose from one of our more sleek, close to the body bags. Subways, streetcars and buses are hell on earth during peak hours, so you will want something that doesn’t take up a ton of space and is easy to wear on a crowded public transit vehicle. You will also be wise to check into our anti-theft bags because public transit is filled with would-be thieves and you’re going to want to keep your expensive and sensitive gear locked down everywhere you go.

If you’re walking or driving, we think a lightweight full sized backpack is perfect for walking and driving because all Mark Ryden backpacks are constructed to be easy on your back, and keep your spine in check. We develop all of our backpacks for active lifestyles, so feel free to find something roomier because our lightweight designs are ideal for people who need to carry a little extra without feeling bulky or heavy.

Alrighty, that’s a wrap for this month, we’re off to go grab some sun before fall creeps up on us and we find ourselves hunkered down with some hipster pumpkin spice cinnamon apple thingy.


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