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Hello again beautiful people of the internet.

So my little Puddins, it’s like this. Typically here at the Mark Ryden empire, we like to write blogs about cool stuff, and things we find interesting. You know, just to entertain a little, and of course scoop up some of that juicy seo clout.

However this month we’re going to shamelessly pimp our product, and fill ya’ll in on some cool new improvements we have made because straight up, we want to give you the best products possible.

Normally we tend to focus on new designs, so we can keep the fresh drops  coming and always offering up stylish new bags. However, there are also small little improvements that may go unnoticed that we have been implementing lately because that’s how we roll.

Innovation goes beyond the surface, so when we come up with a new drop, we take a 360 degree approach to our products and ask ourselves the simple question, how can we make this better?

Well, since most of you tend to buy our products because they are created for school, daily commuting to work and of course travel, we keep all of those elements in mind when we create our bags, and those elements include things that you might encounter on a trip, or your daily routine.

For example, all of our bags are created with the latest waterproof and weather resistant technology. Since most of you tend to use our bags to carry your gadgets and electronics, a bag that is at least weather resistant is a must. You can’t throw your stuff in some old back pack anymore and assume it is going to be safe from the elements, so we are always refining new ways to keep your gear dry and protected from every kind of weather, from rain, to snow, to extreme summer heat.

Mark Ryden Canada Limit inside bag

Comfort is also one that is high on our list. You are probably the type of person who rides the subways, a bike, walks, jogs, and generally moves around a lot all day and you can’t carry around all of your stuff in a bulky bag that hurts your shoulders and back. Those old bags we used to use in school sucked, and we are constantly innovating new ways to make ergonomic shoulder straps, better and more easily accessible compartments which increase your back relief which makes wearing our bags more comfortable. It’s a little thing, but it’s important because we want you to wear your bag like a favourite pair of jeans.

We also take the safety of the contents of your bag very seriously. On most bags, you have to provide your own lock, which usually ends up being some tiny, easily pickable little 2 dollar lock that anyone can open. Many of our bags now feature a anti-theft and anti-TSA locking system, which offers you the ability to create your own password so that you can be assured that when you travel, or even just go for a coffee some creep can’t get at your phone, and possible gain access to all of your pics, files and personal information. It is a fact of life that these days we carry more personal information on our phones than ever before and if a clever thief gets their hands on your phone, they can toss your entire life like a salad, and not in a good way.

We’re always on top of these little things, and we wanted you to know about them when you purchase one of our bags. We’re proud of what we do, and some of our coolest innovations tend to glide under the radar, so next time you checkout and receive your bag, take a minute to appreciate the little features that all add up and make your life just that little bit better.

That’s it for this month, catch you next month.


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