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It probably goes without saying that we’re into style and design. Our bags have to be functional, comfortable, and offer layers of protection from the elements, theft and in many cases carry a charging port, so you can keep your gadgets primed during a long haul trip or day out at work or hanging out. Those are all cool elements that set us apart from the crowd, but they are functional. Another example is that we only use quality zippers in our bags. It is a small, unnoticeable thing, but it adds to the function and durability of our bags.

Mark Ryde Canada bag design

Style and design, that’s another story. We think our bags are the raddest on the market, and we take style and design seriously, much the same way we take tacos seriously.

Style and design begins with inspiration, and you can look almost anywhere and find it. Many people tend to have a narrow view of style and design, and only focus on the things that interest their style aesthetic. To truly be inspired, we keep our minds constantly blown wide open, and find inspiration everywhere for our designs.

For example, this is The Vessel which is located in Hudson Yards in New York City. It is a spiral staircase and piece of interactive artwork created by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio. The Vessel is comprised of 154 intricately interconnecting flights of stairs -- almost 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings -- the vertical climb offers remarkable views of the New York, the Hudson River and beyond.

Vessel design

Check this out. This is a big fave of ours. We love bikes, but this one has stolen our hearts. 

This is the ROYT 1972 Honda CB250 custom cafe racer built by Hookie Co. motorcycle builders. They’re based in Dresden Germany, and this one of a kind masterpiece was created using a vintage Honda CB250. They tore it down to nothing, and rebuilt it into a modern street bike that is perfect for tearing up the city streets.

Check out more of their one of a kind creations, and their cool merch at

Hookie design cafe racer

Here’s our pick for binge-watching this fall. It’s a show called Animal Kingdom, and we love its style. Now, many people have said its just Point Break on steroids, and yes that’s partially true. It follows a family of young surfers who rob banks, air force bases, drug lords and other criminals for a living. They are a family held together by super milf Ellen Barkin who plans the jobs and holds the family together, However, this show just looks great. The action sequences are amazing for a tv show, and their crimes are all thought out and executed perfectly. After one season, you will want to quit your day job and become a career criminal.
Here is the trailer for season 1. There are 5 so far, and you can also slide over to their site and check out more trailers and episodes.

Finally, and more proof that inspiration is everywhere, check out the Drillog, the drill bit inspired dip pen, that is sort of a pen, sort of a brush, but most certainly cool and a new must have for artists. It was created in Japan by Shion & Haft Design, and the drill-inspired nib that catches ink in its different hollow grooves when you dip it in ink, and the ink gradually travels down to the tip with the help of gravity.

Drillog pen

You can find this, and more of their incredible work at


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