Mark Ryden Canada

Mark Ryden Canada is the industry leader offering the very latest wearable tech designs for streetwear conscious students and professionals.

Our backpacks, travel bags and single strap slings are geared toward fashion conscious people who are constantly on the move, and need to bring their electronic life with them when they go to school, work and on trips. Our urban designs are perfectly suited for busy commuting on trains, subways and bicycles across and campus, or for meeting at local coffee shops and trips around town.

All of our products range in size and offer various levels of security from completely waterproof bags to those fitted with anti theft measures. A smaller bag can comfortably carry a tablet, phone, gaming device and wallet, while medium to large sized bags offer usb charging, enough room for a laptop, camera, wireless headphones, phone, wallet and change of clothes for the gym or night out. Out travel bags will easily carry all of your devices, and with enough room for 2-3 days of clothes making them ideal for business trips and weekends away.

We believe that our products are more than cool bags for urban consumers. Anyone can create a cool bag and call it streetwear. Our products are byproducts of our evolution towards constantly needing to be wired to the world. People no longer view their devices as a simple gadget that is cool to use and show off, they have become essential to our business, scholastic and everyday life. We can’t live without them, and we are constantly adding to our collection and for that reason we are more than cool bags. We are essential tech, just like the products you carry in our bags.

When you look around, you will notice that Mark Ryden bags are popping up everywhere. You will see them in a coffee shop while somebody is working on their laptop, you will see them on peoples backs as they commute to work, you will see them on patios, in the gym and strapped to someone racing across campus on their single speed bike.

Our products are built on the same innovative premise that the tech world adheres to. We are constantly creating new, fashionable designs that safely keep all of your devices charged and connected to the world.

Today you probably carried a few thousand dollars worth of tech with you. Between your phone, laptop, beats and maybe a tablet, that’s a lot of cash sitting in a bag, that is also fragile and prone to theft. You wouldn’t just chuck it in any old backpack to slap around while you went to work so all of your property can get scratched up and feel clunky while you wore it. You want your devices safely stored in a snug, comfortable bag that keeps your electronic investments safe, and you want to look cool while you are doing it.

Welcome to Mark Ryden Canada, your newest essential wearable tech.

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