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Hello again beautiful people of the internet.

As of this writing, it is March of 2020 and spring is slowly waking up from its winter slumber.

As always, we’re gearing up for some fresh new drops this season, so we will keep you in the loop when we the new goodies arrive, but until then, we’re going to use this month's blog to talk about packing. More specifically, we’re going back to school with some suggestions for our student customers on how to get the most out of your Mark Ryden backpack when you go to school every day.

Okay so this may seem simple, but packing all of your essentials for your daily bounce around campus takes a bit of planning. We all know those people who constantly forget their stuff and want to borrow yours, or those people who pack so much stuff that when they open their backpack in class it barfs their stuff everywhere like they just spent a weekend at Coachella. If you are anything like we are (or more specifically….were back in the day) we got around campus either on foot or riding around on our fixie. You have your bag, and you want it to be light and comfortable, so you really want to pack with purpose.

First, let’s assume you’re packing a laptop, maybe a tablet, your phone, earbuds, possibly a Switch and maybe some lunch. Almost all of our Mark Ryden backpacks offer enough room for all of those things, so you can glide over to our store and choose from a multitude of choices, and you’ll be good to go. However, if you pack wisely, you will want to make sure you have a few other essentials squirrelled away.

Many of our Mark Ryden backpacks come with a built-in usb charger, which is awesome for keeping all of your tech working all day long. However we have found it useful to always carry a solar powered battery charger as well, as we can charge our backpack battery at all times, so we are never truly without a full charge. Spring is here, and there is plenty of sunlight so you can keep one handy at all times. You can get a good one on eBay for about 10 bucks, they are about the size of a phone and can be a lifesaver.

Another great tool that got us through school with relatively respectable grades, was always having a simple digital voice recorder with us for every class. Yes we know there are plenty of apps that do the same thing, but a voice recorder doesn’t eat up your storage space, you can keep an entire semester on it and reference easily, they are tiny so you can easily pack it every day and they only cost about 20 bucks for a good brand name model.

Lastly, here’s our favorite pro tip. You know those people who are always asking to borrow a pencil, pen, calculator or anything else? Spend a few bucks and buy good pencils, pens and a decent calculator because that way you can easily so no than if you are carrying disposable stuff. A quick trip over to eBay will get you a cool aluminium pen for around 5 bucks, and you can also pick out some other nicer items that you will be less inclined to forget at home, or loan out to that person who sits behind you and is always bugging you for your gear.

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