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It is a new month, and time for a fresh juicy new blog.

This month, we decided to offer up a little handy advice. Now admittedly this is an article about how to pack for a business trip, but really it could also be about how to pack for a weekend away with your honey, or visiting the folks, a school trip, really it’s about how to pack your gear into your Mark Ryden bag.

As one might assume, men and women tend to pack different items and do things differently, so rather than create a long boring list for both genders and every possible situation, we distilled everything down and created a basic how-to list that will make your next trip a lot easier.

1) Say you are going away for a few days, and you are doing some business. Maybe you are visiting a satellite office, or meeting with a client. You are going to want to pick out 3 outfits to bring with you. Pick out a simple business look, something casual for when you are on down time, and something business casual so you can mix it up with your other 2 looks. This is super handy if you have to go out for dinner with a client, or even plan on taking in some sites while you’re away.

2) Where the bulkiest, heaviest clothes on the trip, that way you won't have to pack that heavy jacket, sweater or boots. You can always kick everything off during the trip to get more comfy, and you won’t be lugging your heaviest stuff around with you.

3) Keep your expensive items in your bag. Mark Ryden bags are available with anti-theft locks, so keep everything of value locked safely away in your bag, and keep
it with you at all times. Airports, train stations and rest stops are breeding grounds for thieves who can relieve you of your watch, wallet, phone and jewellery in a hot second and be long gone before you realize you have been robbed. Lock it all away and they won’t give you a second glance.

4) Pre-load your laptop with your favorite movies and tv shows. You’re going to have some downtime during the ride, and airplane wifi is expensive. Have all of your movies and games ready to play and save yourself a few bucks during the trip.

5) This last one isn’t really universal advice, but a little trick we picked up while travelling around Europe. Deodorant, toothpaste, hair products and things like socks quickly take up a lot of space. We found that it is kind of pointless to bring them with us, when you can always find a store that carries all of those items. For a few bucks you can just buy new socks and hygiene items and have extra space in your bag for more important things.

There are of course many more tips and tricks for packing your gear, but these were a few of our go-to travel suggestions to make your next trip a little easier.

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