Some Things Are Just.... Better!!!

Hey beautiful people of the internet.

So this month we’re going to tackle a relatively simple topic, and that is how some things are just….better.

Our bags are better. We know this because we don’t just shill them, we design and wear them every day. We hop on subways and go to work, meetings, ride our bikes, hit up coffee shops and our bags are lighter, secure, wired with usbs, more comfortable and simply….better.

Here’s another example. We love vinyl records, and there is no better way to spend a Sunday than spinning some great old vinyl. The warm sound, the crackle, even the smell. However, being able to load your phone up with thousands of songs, create dozens of playlists and have it all with you so you can pop in your ear buds and listen to your jams everywhere you go is again…..better.


In early 2000, Netflix founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph offered to sell the company to Blockbuster for $50 million. Blockbuster turned them down. Eventually, Netflix triumphed over Blockbuster, popularized streaming, and forced the entertainment industry to adapt. It turned out that the geniuses at Blockbuster never quite got their overpaid heads around the idea that most people would rather have their entertainment delivered to their homes, rather than get in their car and drive through traffic, snowstorms and other chaos to their local store, only to be told by some surly film dork that the movie they wanted was out on rental. Cue the sad trombone. As we all know, Netflix is now available as a streaming service for a few bucks per month, and Blockbuster went bust because Netflix guessed it...better.

If you go to any mall, you will notice that we don’t have any retail stores. We never will. 

The simple reason being is that online shopping is…..better. 

Retail locations cost a lot of money, and the overhead is ridiculous. Between a huge lease, staffing, insurance, loss prevention, a fluctuating economy we would have to raise prices and our development budget would be slashed. That doesn’t even factor in recent events when Jobu decided to unleash his wrath is the form of a global pandemic, in which case we’d probably go bust. It simply won’t happen because retail is becoming the old vinyl album collection. Sure it’s great on the weekends, but pretty useless in your daily life when you need gear that is constantly evolving and improving right away, at a lower price. 

2020 is almost over, and we don’t mind saying we won’t miss it at all. It was worse than an unwanted house guest that ends up on your couch for a few months drinking your expensive craft beer, eating all of your food and leaving hair in your shower. It sucked. 

It did however force vendors like us to kick our online game up a few notches, and that is where we will remain because we are dedicated to the evolution of design, comfort, security and making life better for people like you who need our gear to be the very best it can be without breaking the bank. It’s the future, and it’s……..better.

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