Too Good To Be True

Hello again beautiful people of the internet.

So here’s what’s up. In this blog, we’re going to shine a bright light on some pretty sleazy individuals who are stanking up the internet with a new twist on an old con, and the way we see it…..they suck.

Unfortunately we aren’t yet able to pinpoint these people by name yet, but we’re working on it, and with any luck maybe next month or in the near future we can help address this problem in more detail.

Okay so here is an example about what we are talking about. Remember our blog about kick ass SE BMX Bikes? Great. Now if you want to check out their legit website, and possibly order yourself a dope new ride, you can find them at That is their legit website, and it has a great blog as well that gives you all of the info about their newest drops, and all of their cool events. A few months ago a website called popped up out of nowhere, promising unbelievable deals on their product. On this site they were selling SE bike that normally retails for $800 for $75 and other super amazing deals. Now most people would see this slickly designed website and immediately call B.S. and move on. However, many people didn’t, SE had to take action and thankfully now it is gone, at least for the time being. Here is what SE had to say about it.

We bring this up because these scumbags latched onto the growing popularity of SE bikes and decided to screw some people over who just wanted a cool bmx bike to ride. Now it has happened to us, and we’re not too happy about it.

Our website has a huge problem with people stealing our content. Normally this should be considered a small problem, where we simply ask people to take our content down, but they refuse. However, that is another topic for another blog. We still think those people suck though.

The biggest problem is there is now a group of thieves that are hitting up people on social media channels and conning photographers and other social media personalities into working with them to promote their new line of “Smart Backpacks”. Unfortunately, we can’t go into the specifics of this scam, however if you Google Smart Backpack scam you will find everything you need to know.

The really weird part of this scam is that they are using doctored images of our product where they Photoshop out the Mark Ryden logo, and then claim our products as their own. A quick Google Image Back search is all you need to see which models they use, and how they doctor up the pictures.

The basic blueprint of their scam is that they hit up these hard working professionals on social media and offer to do a collaboration where they promise them a big payday and some free product in exchange for services or promotion. The only catch is that they ask these people to pay for shipping. As you can imagine, the bags never arrive, the big payday never happens and then once the website and their social media pages are shut down, they simply re-appear under a different version of the same name. For example, they will reappear as smrtpackpacks or backpacksmart. You get the idea. It all happens so quickly that the social media companies have a hard time staying on top of it, and when they do get shut down, there is already another one created and waiting to take its place. It literally happens within a few minutes.

We have no idea how many people these douchebags have effed over, but you can be sure that we are on it. They have nothing to do with Mark Ryden Canada or the Mark Ryden Brand and as you may have guessed from the tone of this blog, we’re super pissed about it. Our company is dedicated to bringing you the coolest and most innovative bags and backpacks for tech savvy people, and we truly believe that our products are the best on the market, so when a handful of lowlife creeps start messing with our images to pull off their sleazy grift, we wanted to get ahead of it and speak out because you have a right to know.

We understand that unfortunately the world has some bad players in it, and it sucks. This is why many of our bags and backpacks feature anti-theft protection. However, we can’t lock down the internet, so we figured that since knowledge is power, the best solution was to raise this issue and let you all know what is going on, and if you are ever approached by these hose bags, please report them right away.

See you next month beautiful people.

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