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Happy New Year beautiful people of the internet!

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support this past year. We popped the cherry on Mark Ryden Canada in 2019, and like any new venture we have learned a lot, and we have grown a great deal. Because of your support we are able to continually roll our fresh new products all year round so you won’t have to wait for the seasons to change to check out our freshest drops.

This year we have already rolled out two spiffy new bags. The Esprit, and the Bounce, and there are plenty more on the horizon. We are also going to be doing some really cool and innovative things with our travelling bags.

One of the main reasons for this, is because we think travelling doesn’t have to suck. In the past, spending a night or two on the road, on a train or travelling by air meant you had to lug around a heavy bag that really wasn’t purpose built for anything. The makers of these bags didn’t really think things through, so you could be carrying all of your electronics in a bag that was tested with concrete blocks.

The also weren’t very secure.
Bus and train stations, airports and even some hotel check in areas are filled with more thieving hoodlums than Mos Eisley during a football riot at New Years. This is a fact of life that will never change, however that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt to it, which is why we are going heavy on our new RFID and personal security locked bags, so you can keep your gear secure when and while you travel. As long as your bag is strapped to you, there is no chance of anyone parting you with your wallet and electronics.

We also wanted to make the entire travel experience more enjoyable by simply offering you cool looking bags that actually function as travel bags. We know, mind blowing right? Having a bag that is dedicated to storage of electronics, clothes, books, personal care items and even has a built in usb charging port so you can binge watch your favorite shows on a long haul journey. Chances are that sometime during your school career or your job, you’re going to have to pack it all up and do some travelling. Even if it just means bringing home work when you go out of town to visit the fam, you’re going to want to do it securely, comfortably, and have room for all of your kit.

We hope you love our new models of dedicated travel bags as much as we do. They will be rolling out all year long, so check in every week or two and find something you love.

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