Wearable Technology. Evolution, Revolution And Here To Stay

The term “wearable technology” gets thrown around a lot. It means many different things to different people, and that is a good thing. Over the years clever people have come up with tons of cool gadgets that make our lives a little easier and even a tad bit cooler. Like most things in life, sometimes they work out, sometimes they take a giant flop like that one aunt we don’t really speak about who always has a few too many glasses of sherry during the holidays.

For example, we can all agree that smart watches are actually pretty excellent. At first they seemed kind of pointless and were just glorified step counters, but as they have evolved they have become our new best friend when we are out being active, at the gym, hitting the trails somewhere or just don’t feel like dragging a phone with us while on some errands. Yep, we love ‘em.

On the contrary there was also Google glass. Ouch. That one hurt. 

Great ideas and some maybe-you-should-stayed-in-bed not so great ideas aside, two things are certain. Wearable technology is constantly evolving and it's here to stay.

The reason it is here to stay is simple. It is because people adapt it to their work.

A few short years ago sending a business text would have been a sackable offense, and you would have been thrown out of the office and directly into a thorney hedge. Now, it is perfectly reasonable to expect work texts during all hours of the day. It is how we do things now, and it’s not going to change course.

If you are going to do your job even reasonably efficiently, you’re going to need a
smartphone, a tablet, your laptop, possibly a smart watch for those super important texts and a pair of earbuds or headphones to drown out the dull roar of some soccer mom at the local coffee shop who “wants to speak to the manager” while you are simply trying to have a coffee and get some work done.

Until now, dragging all of your gadgets and devices around meant you needed to store it all in a bag, or your granddad's briefcase that still somehow smells like onions.

We created our products because we embrace all of it. We are the latest wearable piece of technology you simply cannot live without anymore. You will always need your full stash of devices, and you will be spending your days commuting, using transit, riding bikes, hitting up cafes and travelling for work, so you will need to have all of your gear safely stored and fully charged for whatever comes your way that day.

You also want to look great while doing it. 

Our story will be written in the coming years like any wearable technology. Some clever people will invent spiffy new devices that will become a part of our daily lives, and we will react so that you can bring it with you wherever you go.

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