We're All In This Together!

Helloooooooo beautiful people of the internet.

So this month we’re going to mostly skip pimping our products (although we have some fresh new drops coming soon, so keep checking in), and simply talk about this global hellscape pandemic that is plaguing us all.

As a purveyor of backpacks  and bags, we’re all about travel and being mobile. From subways, bikes, trains, planes, automobiles, flying to different countries, running around town or campus, we love to get out and we really love to see our customers wearing our gear while they’re on the go.

Sadly, none of that is happening right now because the planet is pretty much stuck inside, quarantined and nobody is travelling anywhere, or doing much of anything…..and that sucks.

When you go outside in our city it looks like the zombie apocalypse has hit, and the zombies won, only to return to their natural habitat and spawning ground, like the toilet paper aisle at the local big box store. It’s downright weird and people are rightfully spooked about the state of the world right now.

Adversity tends to bring out either the best or the worst in people, and we’re seeing this unfold right now, every day. We’re constantly bombarded with it in the news, we see it in our own neighbourhoods, in the shops and just about everywhere on the internet.

However, in this time of global crisis we have to take a deep look at each other and within ourselves and band together for strength and support.

We will get through this, we will rise up and we as a society will be better for it. We are seeing true acts of compassion and bravery from the people working on the frontline. We are helping our neighbours, sharing what we have and even beginning to get to know each other again. Now that we’re all stuck inside, we’re reaching out to each other and having long form conversations again, sharing our stories and banding together, united as one.

Times like these show us what we’re really made of beautiful people, and this is our moment to come together and show the world what we’re made of. Together we are one. Unbreakable, compassionate, loving and united.

We’re all in this together beautiful people. Let’s make this moment count.


“RISE #TogetherApart
The message of the title track from #keiferband ‘s 2019 album "RISE" is certainly relevant in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. A full performance music video for RISE was originally released on September 13th 2019.
“RISE #TogetherApart”, edited by Joshua Smith (promoedits18@gmail.com), is a new video created to serve as inspiration in these uncertain times we are facing. Our world may be falling but these turbulent times will pass and we will rise.
Love you all...Please stay safe, healthy & keep the faith.
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  • S.H

    Great read i enjoyed it!

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